Sponsor a child

We would be happy if you would like to sponsor a child in Rabai, Kenya. With your sponsorship, you make it possible for your sponsored child to attend school. You can read more about the school on our About Us page. On this page here you can find children who are still looking for sponsors. These children attend either the Rabai Hope Nursery School or a primary school and would be happy to find a sponsor.

If the child attends Rabai Hope Nursery School in PP 1 (first year) or PP 2 (second year), he/she will later transfer to a public primary school. You are welcome to continue supporting the child, the sponsorship fee remains the same. You can find out more about the school system and what happens after primary school on the About Us page.

The sponsorship for a child is 20 Euros per month, a shared sponsorship of 10 Euros per month is also possible. You can choose a child to sponsor or we can suggest a child to you. All the children we present here urgently need the support of sponsors.

We are happy to provide you with a donation receipt, donations to kila mtoto e.V. are tax deductable in Germany and most European countries. Please consult your tax office in case of questions.

Personal contact to your sponsored child is welcome. You will regularly receive photos of your sponsored child and at least once a year a letter or a drawing. You can send a letter yourself by sending us an email and if someone from our team travels to Kenya, it is also possible to send a letter with them. However, it is also perfectly fine if you do not want to have direct contact with your sponsored child.
Even though you as a sponsor can have a personal relationship with your sponsored child via letters, it is very important to us that the sponsorship contributions for your sponsored child at Rabai Hope Nursery benefit the entire school. The school is jointly funded and the selection of children is based on need.

Only when all the children have sponsors can we operate the school at full capacity - with lessons, good materials, school meals for the children and perhaps even health insurance for all. As not all children have sponsors yet, we start with the most important thing - the lessons. 10 of our children need sponsors to cover the minimum costs. As soon as more children have sponsors, we will consider together with the Kenyan team how to use the donations wisely for the children.

If your sponsored child attends a primary school, the sponsorship contribution will be used to cover the costs of your sponsored child's school attendance.
To sponsor a child, please fill out the following form. You will then receive all further information from us. You can pay the sponsorship fee monthly, quarterly or annually in advance, preferably as a standing order to our donation account. If the sponsorship fee is more than two months in arrears, we will assume that you wish to give up your sponsorship and will look for new sponsors. You can terminate your sponsorship at any time without giving reasons, but we are of course happy if you would like to support your sponsored child in the long term. If you would like to end your sponsorship, please send us a short message.
Please enter the name of the child you would like to support or leave empty if we shall choose a child for you.
Please enter the amount you would like to donate per month. A full sponsorship is 20 Euro per month, a shared sponsorship for 10 Euro per month is possible too.
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Please enter your full postal address. We need this to confirm your donations, for example. We will not share any of this information with third parties.